I'm a female from Ireland. Lets all fangirl (or boy) together over middle earth. Please don't be afraid to talk to me I have the social skills of a pillow, I literally will not talk to you untill you talk to me first (then i'm all cuddly so don't worry). I love anyone who loves lord of the rings so if its something your passionate about feel absolutely free to fangirl with me about Tolkiens universe.


I’m sorry this gif is not mine   

  • you can see in this gif fili holding a rope in mirkwood fili throws a rope in an attempt to get a boat on the other side of a river
  • you can see to the left of kili bofur holding his brother bomburs hand as he appears to be asleep -after they get the boat bombur falls in and is put in a deep sleep
  • the bag thorin hands kili is similar to the one bilbo has in DOS images - I’m guessing those bags were given to them by beorn most likely to hold the honey.
  • thorin is carrying a bow and arrow - Beorn gave all the dwarves bows and arrows 

'sorry I'm just really excited about the next movie! *fangirling*'

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